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Terms & Conditions

​A deposit per unit is required on all storage units. The deposit is equal to the first month’s rent without tax. The deposit will be refunded only if all rents are paid in full, unit is cleaned out, and the unit is swept out.

PAST DUE RENT: Upon tenant’s failure to pay rent when it becomes due, the Lessor may, without notice, after 7 days from the date the rent is due, deny Lessee access to the personal property located in the self-service storage facility by placing an overlock on said storage unit.

The overlock shall be removed within 24 hours after receipt of acceptable payment and only in day light hours. Property will be removed WITHOUT NOTICE if Lessee is over 30 days past due.

LESSOR AND LESSEE MUTUALLY AGREE AS FOLLOWS: Lessee shall use said space only for the storage of goods in Lessee’s lawful possession. Lessee will keep the space in good condition usual wear and depreciation excepted), will use the space for no unlawful purpose, will not litter the surrounding premises, will not post signs, and will not store noxious, filthy, explosive, or highly inflammable materials or goods or animals in the space. Deposit is
refundable only if in good condition upon vacating, premises are left broom clean and empty upon vacating, and Lessee fully pays all rent and charges due. Lessee accepts the premises as suitable for Lessee’s storage purposes, and waives all defects, if any, therein. Lessee accepts responsibility for placing wood strips under cardboard boxes, furniture, and other items that
could be damaged by dampness.

Lessee understands that Lessor is not storing goods for hire, is not a public warehouseman, but instead is merely renting space for storage of unidentified goods by Lessee.

Lessee also understands that LESSOR EXERCISES NO CUSTODY CARE OR CONTROL OVER ANY GOODS STORED BY LESSEE, AND THE LESSOR CARRIES NO INURANCE WICH IN ANY WAY COVERS ANY LOSS LESSEE MAY CLAIM to have while renting the storage space. Lessee acknowledges that all goods are stored at Lessee’s sole risk and that insurance for stored goods is available at Lessee’s sole option and expense. Lessee agrees NOT to subrogate against or allow his insurance company to subrogate against Lessor in the event of
loss or damage of any kind or from any cause. Lessor expressly disclaims all liability and express or implied warranty for or in connection with loss or damage to any goods stored by or any use made of the premises by Lessee, no matter what the cause, including loss or damage by fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, wind, water, moisture, mildew, extreme temperatures, insects,
rodents, building defects, etc. Lessee shall indemnify and hold Lessor harmless from all claims, demands and actions arising directly or indirectly from Lessee’s storage of goods in such space.

Lessee shall not sublease or assign any part of such space without Lessor’s written consent. In even of an emergency, Lessor will have the right to enter the premises using any necessary reasonable force. The terms and conditions herein constitute the entire agreement between the parties and provide the sole basis for determination of the parties’ respective rights
and obligations. This agreement is binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto, their heirs, successors, and assigns.


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